Time is short

So my dad is laying in the hospital.  Liver cirrhosis.  Kidneys failing. Gallbladder yuck. A touch of pneumonia. Jaundice as hell.  Who knows what else.  He’s in a lot of pain.  


Time feels short.  I have hope that he will recover and will gladly give up my liver to make that happen.  

My point is love on those you have and celebrate their health.   I personally don’t need or find use in prayers.  Although my parents most definitely find comfort in them.   Good vibes do nothing for me either.   Just do something special for someone.   Make a phone call you wouldn’t usually make time for.   Sit down and play with your kid.  Go see your dad. 

I have to consider life without my mom and dad.    The thought induces numbness, mourning, anger, and a mountain full of other emotions.  
I am very logical about the subject too.
I don’t know….it all sucks.  

I’ve been in hospitals a few times this week.   A couple of times to meet a sweet young boy who is new to this planet and has filled me with so much happiness.  And then with my dad.   
Worlds apart.  Time with them both has been precious. 

Just go appreciate time!  That’s all.


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