St. Louie round 2

Version kid.0.
We’ve headed back to the city.  Why you ask?   To bring some of the kids to enjoy it.  




Started at the dinner then off to the City Museum. 
At a few hours in and my arthritic knees gave in.   I had to sit out while Kenneth and the kids went to play.   Damn body.   It didn’t help that I was unexpectedly woke up to leave today.   I thought we were going to leave the next day.  I was all thrown off.  Also I was very sleepy.  Geebus only knows how early I got woke up.  Well, Geebus and Kenneth know I guess.  

Anyways.  I know anyways isn’t a se
ntence and I don’t care.   My site, my rules.   Yes even if I mispell everythang!  (See what I did there).   I type fast and careless on a phone most of the time so suck it.  





So, I just sat there.   Waiting while others had fun.   Thinking about random shit like…why do people let other people “sweep them off their feet”? (I will cover this on a different post)
Where the hell did my child self energy go?  Is energy a passing a thing you give your kids when you have them? 
What am I doing with my life?
What should we eat for dinner?

You know.  All the normal questions you ask yourself when you are dare I say bored. More like restless.  Not busy.  No distractions.
I hate that word.  Bored.  If you find your self “bored” then you my friend have a serious expectation problem.  So many kids have this issue.  I blame electronics.  It is not my job to keep you entertained every second of every minute of every hour…and so on.   Get an imagination. 

I’m all kinds of ranty today.   You should hear me on the highway.  
But that’s every damn day.  
Let me just clear something up for your dumb minds (if you are these people).
In my ” you needs crayons for this explanation voice”
Right lane is for slower, cruising along, non passing people. Left lane is for passing pretty much only.    You pass then get over until you know you’ll pass again.   Capeesh?  


OK…..after the city museum it was pizza and gelato.  The best gelato around.  The bug won’t stop talking about it.  
It was a good trip for the kids.  


Reached 100000 miles on the TB. 


Sleep was had. 

I’m wreaked with depression again.   This seems like I’m in a relentless batting cage.   Where the balls are memories and worries and stressors.   I want out. 

Gathering the energy to get a shower seems impossible today.   Ugh….


One thought on “St. Louie round 2

  1. To clarify, Jenny is not one of these bullshitters who claims she’s “depressed” because she sorta feels bad or is having a bad day. Actual, legit, depression. And she’s done an amazing job pushing through it and being a huge part of some of the best experiences and memories of my life. She is a gift that may never be fully appreciated for what she is.


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