Not enough…

Hours in this day.  It’s really flown by.  The kids were out of school today so naturally I didn’t see much of them as they were hard at work playing with toys and such.  It was my day off too so I was OK with that.  I needed some down time. 

I got to play some Yoshi Wooly World with the talented Gutterskump.   Why talented?  Because this…


Isn’t that amaze balls?
She’s pretty awesome.    We defeated the desert world.  My least favorite.  On to dessert world.   That game is rediculously cute.  It makes me want punch kittens.   
I know I’m strange.  

So Saturday Kenneth and I worked on bikes again after I worked all day.   

It’s getting so close to getting that powder coat.   P.s.   the plasma cutter is the best thing since nachos.   Yeah nachos. 

I love nachos. 

I don’t know what happened to the rest of today.   The hours ticked by like a Sims clock.      Fast.   



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