It’s ketchup time!

Oh ….. I mean Catch UP time!  Yes I’m behind.  Whats new?

So, yeah I’ve been doing some stuff.

Last weekend was game night with a group of friendly friends.  We played the picture game.  If you haven’t played then you are missing out.

Jan 2016 078

I laughed until I almost pee’ed my pants.  Nothing new there.   I do that often enough.  (you tiny little cute, weak!)

Jan 2016 086

Artax joined us in staring at us like we were idiots.  We were and it was very fun.

Now my focus is throwing my youngest feather a party.  More of that reflecting and nostalgia later.  But first we craft!

After some yarn throwing video game fun…me and “Scott” did some crafts to help me prepare for the upcoming party.  We made all sorts of things.

Jan 2016 099 Jan 2016 105

Headbands, cups, and clay sculptures.  It was fun also.  The hot glue 1st degree burns maybe not so much but yeah the rest was alright.


Lastly this week I finally finished a co-workers soon to be born babies booties and hat.  Aren’t they cute?

Jan 2016 012

Okay….You’re caught up.   I’m tired.  Goodnight!


Not enough…

Hours in this day.  It’s really flown by.  The kids were out of school today so naturally I didn’t see much of them as they were hard at work playing with toys and such.  It was my day off too so I was OK with that.  I needed some down time. 

I got to play some Yoshi Wooly World with the talented Gutterskump.   Why talented?  Because this…


Isn’t that amaze balls?
She’s pretty awesome.    We defeated the desert world.  My least favorite.  On to dessert world.   That game is rediculously cute.  It makes me want punch kittens.   
I know I’m strange.  

So Saturday Kenneth and I worked on bikes again after I worked all day.   

It’s getting so close to getting that powder coat.   P.s.   the plasma cutter is the best thing since nachos.   Yeah nachos. 

I love nachos. 

I don’t know what happened to the rest of today.   The hours ticked by like a Sims clock.      Fast.   



Not the power ball but, I did win at some things this week.  
I’ve been needing a bunk bed for my Tater bugs room.  In a round about way through an auction I manage to get an expensive bed for dirt cheap.   That’s a win to me. 
Other things I’m winning at include but are not limited to:
Having amazing hair lol
Having a sweet ass bf (kenneth)
Having the two best friends a girl could ask for aka wild Indian and sandwich control
Having two amazing daughters
Having the lady balls to make big changes in my life and kicking but at it somedays.  Not all

OK enough positive mumbo jumbo.  

Made some more (not a lot) of progress on the bike.   Getting closer and closer


I love working on that bike.  I will love riding it more. 
Just wanted to throw some words out there.   I promised 5 posts a week and I’m failing miserably.   Give me time.   I’ll get it right soon. 


Snuggle nights

Are a fever dream for me.  
Let me explain.  Snuggle nights are a thing I made for the feathers when they come back from visiting their dads for the weekend.   Every other weekend they go then come home and they miss everyone and they are just generally moody.  To welcome them back home and to reassert that I care about them, I started to allow them to sleep in my bed with me the night they come home.   They love it.   Notice I didn’t say we? 
It’s like walking through the 2nd gate of hell.   I get no sleep. They are two hot furnaces that I get to oreo myself between.  I end up quasi spooning one of them and the other I put a body pillow between us or she tries to ruin my life.   Like last night, it doesn’t matter if the body pillow is present. She found a way to worm underneath it like a mole and put her ass on me mid spine.   She made it good and well that I would have back problems this morn.  
I dreamed I had spiders crawling on me last night and I bet you it was because their long hair was on me.   Confusing my nervous system and taunting my brain while I got at least a few minutes rest.   Those heathens. 

So sandwich control made sure my miserable night ended good and well and texted me this news at the crack of Dawn.  


God I hate him.    Not DB!    RIP Jareth

Anyways,  I had a really good weekend.   Worked a bit.  Dated a bit.  Chessed a bit.  Briar Rosed a bit.  Gave out the winner of my color give away a bit.   Wii’ed a bit.   It was a bit great.  




Thank Minerva it’s Friday. MinervaGoddess of poetry, medicine, wisdom, commerce, weaving, crafts and magic.  Quite the jack of all trades. 
Like me


I tried to post last night but forgot so here it is a day late. 

Kenneth and I had a date night finally.  No kids means eating like civilized adults. 


That is until you don’t get a refill on your tea while eating spicy nachos.  I start acting a little bit like a 2 year old then.  
It was a good night of passing the hell out early.   That’s how we roll with or without kids.

Slept in and woke up to breakfast served.   He is so thoughtful sometimes.
I think we’ll  go to high rise tonight. 
Nothing like jumping on 50 trampolines and landing into a few bacteria cesspool foam pits to make sure you know how old your body really is.  
I have some Saturday to live.  Later

Stick it

Yeah, this….


Today was long.  Good but long. 
The kids were out of school one last day.  So that means I had four kids for the majority of the day.   They were all pretty darn good but it was still a four kid day.   We did donuts this morning.   Then I spent the majority of the rest of the day cleaning up messes and did a little hair.   Gutterstump stopped in for some more purple.   The feathers got kitchen haircuts.    

Today was another day I spent trying to be “more positive”   I’m not seeing the benifit too much.    Seems like just as much energy is wasted.   Trying to be anything different than what you are or how you feel is exhasting.   Can I just be Jenny?  Ever changing with the wind?  It’s not always a graceful trip but at least it flows.  

Eh.  It’s late. I’m done.  Just….


I’m trying.

I’m trying to post again.  5 days a week is my goal.   I’m trying to get the tater bug to transfer to a different school tomorrow. I’m trying to get stuff done.  I’m trying to enjoy some piece and quite.  I’m trying to not lose my head.   I’m doing a damn good job of it these days.  
I’ve got some good support right now.

Oh hey….yeah…I just have to show off the fact that I now own every print that sin nombre press has made that he still has stock of.    ScORE! 


I love these prints.   
Sandwich control is a very talented friend of mine.   Next time you see him slap him.  He deserves it.     Trust me. 

This weekend has been busy and fun and full.   Not a dull moment.   I worked and made that dough or doe or doh!  It pays the bills what ever it is. 
I’m ready for a new week.   Let do this.

Happy new day just like the rest….

Most holidays are dumb.  This one is another one that makes no sense.  The marking of a new 365 count down.   Sounds silly to make a big deal out of it but leave it up to me to be a poo butt about it lol.  Regardless, I brought it in hearing fire works outside my window in bed.   (Inside joke quote from “a Christmas Story” the movie, inserted here)  😉

I worked a bit today, then rode this


I got to see my feathers, hang out with my Kenneth and the wild Indian and also passed out in my big chair.


They joined me. It was a good “just another day”.


2015.  I……..
Turned 33
Decorated tons of cakes
Did lots of hair
Got a divorce
Moved to a new town
Started my whole life over
Developed a new relationship
Almost died
Fell in love
Joined a new derby team
Joined an awesome salon
Got a motorcycle permit
Started building my own bike
Made lots of new friends
Got on a roof
Went to st Louis
Went to Colorado
Ate a peach for the first time
Ate a mango for the first time
Hit the lowest point of my life
Survived it
Felt happiness and loved myself again.

Probably a lot more

Heres to tomorrow.   May it be great or at least may I make the most of it.