This week is going to fly

It’s going to fly by so fast.  I am so busy!

Today I donated stuff out of my blood.  Plasma.  It was my second time to do it and I really don’t enjoy it at all.  It feels weird and takes too long.  Whatever.

Tomorrow I have to take Tater bug to see a specialist out of town for some stuff she has going on.  ugh!  More driving.  I do get to hang out with my step daughter though so that should be fun.

Tag on some school meetings, work, a Birthday date night with Kenneth and a trip to Tulsa this weekend and I have a full week.  I like busy weeks sometimes.

Yesterday was my mommy’s 59th Birthday!  The girls picked her out a present and bought it with their own moneys.  They were so excited to give.

So I am trying to talk the feathers into doing a science experiment.


The experiment is: What would life for us be like with no screens?

No TV, no tablets, no phone.  Exceptions being if any of those things are needed for school or work.  Also when the kids are in bed or gone I can use whatever I want.  The point being….how would our relationships with each other be?

I was shooting for 30 days but I think I can at least talk them into 10.  I will let you know what we come up with.

I love them so much….I am trying to think of ways to improve our relationship.  It’s not easy raising kids.  Especially kids that aren’t just easy going.  Some days I want to bonk their heads together.  Hard.   Other days, I can’t believe I had anything to do with creating beings that are so insanely amazing.  It goes by quick.  I want them to remember a mom that was very much in to them.

photo 3 (1)

Well Gotta run.


My two cents……or how about just common sense!

So today I voted for the first time in my life.

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This was a cause worth voting for.  I voted for ordinance 5781 in my town.  Ordinance 5781 prevents unfair discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodations, based on a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity. It ensures that ALL PEOPLE are judged fairly on their own merits. Whether you are heterosexual, gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender, you are covered.

Seems fair right?   As I drove my oldest feather to her school we saw a group of haters and/or scared people protesting on the corner to not vote for it.  This site sparked a huge conversation between me and my smart kid.  She asked really good questions and used reasoning, logical, and critical thinking skills.  “Mom, why do those people not want people to have the same rights as they have?  Why do they want to be so mean?  Why do they even care? Why don’t they just mind their own business?”   Because they are non tolerant/scared people Ryster.  Because they can’t see that if they discriminate about one “sin” (in their eyes not ours)  then they should just discriminate about all of the sins.  Businesses would certainly be out of business if that happened right? I will not except that people discriminate doing business with a gay person because their religion tells them they can and should.  Then, discriminate against my adulterous ass for being remarried and divorced.  Any cake shop would sell me a third or forth wedding cake on my wedding day no how many times I’ve been married.  I’m a cheating, adulterous, whore, sinner by their holy book, but to them it doesn’t matter.  “God somehow forgives me for living my sin of not going back to my ex husband” .  Those gays though, they choose to live in sin so they don’t deserve fair treatment!  BULLSHIT!  Either care about your whole holy book and quit cherry picking it or get off your soapbox and quit being hypocrites.

People, can we just be more tolerant of people.  I can also see that I have no tolerance for non-tolerant people.  Working on it.  No one is making you sin.  I thought your book taught love.   I know it doesn’t just teach that, myself.  I’ve actually read the thing. But DANG!  Live and let live.  I hope my children get to grow up in a world as adults when its all sorted out and people think with logic, reasoning, and critical thinking skills.  Even child can do that as proven today.


It just fires me up when I hear of people getting treated unfairly.

Mic drop.