Thank Kartikeya it’s Friday.


Weird beliefs there.

Anyways, I’m glad it’s Friday.  This week has been slow and disappointing at times.  Blah.

If work doesn’t get busy the feathers and I will live under a bridge I guess.  It will get better. It has to.

I have felt some cooler mornings here which is awesome sauce.  I can not wait until fall.  Clothes are better, food is better, being pale is better, being outside is better, and just about everything is better in my opinion.

Maybe not swimming outdoors.  I don’t do that much anyways.

New news…… If you know the Tater bug personally you will know she has high anxiety.  Poor kid.

She can go through every single emotion you can possible have in ten seconds it seems.


So after 8 or so years of dealing with it and her being so unhappy over it, we decided to seek some advice from a doctor.

So I finally I caved to the idea of meds and now she is taking something for it.  I was skeptical.  But HOLY DAMN!  She is a different kid already.

She is happier and fun and enjoying life again.

Enjoy your Friday people.  I know I’ll try.




Things have been going on here.

We’ve officially finished up summer break.

Aug 2015 021



We had lots of giggles, new friends, and new adventures.
















The feathers are now starting their 7th and 3rd grade years.   Whoo hoo!




I’m picking this up again……attempting to anyways.   Shuddup, you’ve seen less clothing at the pool or beach.  Don’t care. DSC08014



I tried a  peach for the first time.   Yeah, I’m 33 and have never eaten a peach.  I liked alright.  I’d eat another.  That’s what she said.    Yes….yes I did just say it.  Or did Artax say it?   Shuddup…. just shuddup!



This summer I received the best derby bruise I’ve ever gotten.  I don’t bruise easy so this was a good one.  I was proud.  Shuddup.

Aug 2015 012

Today however I am so sick.  Sick and tire of your crap.  Kidding, shuddup.  I am sick though.  I’m having sinus issues.  Those who know me well know I don’t get sick often but when I do it usually gets horrible.



Aug 2015 006


Life’s been crazy.  New job.  Love it.  Kids going back to school.  Always in a state of stresstopia.  Worrying about absolutely everything.  Kids, bills, relationships, my health, and work in no particular order.  Guess I am a grown up.



Okay, so you are kinda sorta caught up on me.  Kinda.  I hit the high points.

Now I’m going to go lay down.