Thank Janus it’s Friday!   I could have gone “jesus” but you guys already know about that dude.

No really I am soooo glad it is Friday.  I need a break from work so that I can launch into a crazy busy weekend.

This week went by so dang slow.

Next week should be way more hectic.  Why? Because, this girl got a new Job.  Yup.  Again.  Conflicts with the kids schedule has led me to another job hunt and this time I decided to follow my skills.  My bo-staff  skills.  No, my hair skills.

Your’s truly will now be a proud part of team Salon Bombshell in Fay-town! Come see me!  Come bring your mop in and let me make it a beautiful piece of art.  OR just maybe not a mop anymore.

I am so stoked….. see….

July Scan 012

Tonight is what is called a “Blue Moon” and more than ever I wish it was simultaneously this night…

June 2015 006

on “THE” roof.  😦   😦  😦

Gosh it would be perfect.





But instead I will put some jammies on and hang with the feathers and the cat.

July Scan 021

I have to rest up because I have a game tomorrow night.  Against my old team.  Weird.  I miss them.  I love all derby with anyone….but I miss having my friends.   I haven’t made friends yet.  Acquaintances yes.  But no one that I’ve actually gotten to hang with or who wants to hang with me.   It will happen.

So tomorrow is going to be stupid busy.  Visits with family, shopping for supplies to return to working in hair, game night.  Hopefully we can swing going to the Briar Rose before we head back down the hill.

I’m out.



Road Trippin

Is what I did this past weekend.  I traveled to St. Louie with “Kenneth” (sigh).

July Scan 002

We went to the arch.

July Scan 016

It appears that I am flipping it off, but I just have long fingers.  We touched the arch.  It was far too hot and the line was too long to tour it.

We went to the city museum.  Holy Mother Father that place was rad.  Plan a trip there.  You won’t regret it.  Bring sanitation wipes.  So…many….people.

July Scan 018

We went down a 10 story slide.  Very fun.

July Scan 020

Climbing up was a bit exhausting.  But very worth it.  We got to climb to the roof of the building for this view.

July Scan 029

Rode a Ferris wheel.  Went down more slides.  Climbed up a lot more things.  Played an intense game of hide and seek.

Ended the visit in a cage.  The sweetest most romantic cage around.

11222613_10207211289462835_8551421018985803368_o  11782358_10207211288262805_6483345421895833530_o11794046_10207211289982848_4133660892244180983_o

We had the yummiest Gelatto, then didn’t get mugged overnight.  Went by the Mud House.  Stood in line for a bit but sooooooo worth it.  Please if you travel to St. Louis, take the time and go eat there.  Do yourself that favor.

Then we headed home.  Had dinner with such a great group of people.  Well at least visited with them 🙂  .

Met the new neighbors briefly.

And now another day in the cube awaits me.  (with a kip sigh)



Where did it go?

The time.  Yeah….so….it’s been a while.

So a lot has happened.  I FREEKIN  MOVED!  YASSSS!

June 2015 019

Yup I packed my boxes, the kids, the cat, my heart, my skates, my life and then I got out of dodge.  I moved up a hill and unpacked all the above.

June 2015 035

I still might be unpacking.  almost 2 months later ( in my very best sponge bob narrator voice)

Before we move Ryster “graduated” 6th grade.

June 2015 015

She has also turned 12.  Her last days as a tween are here and teens are approaching fast.  I have confidence that she will be a great teenager.  She is strong and very smart.  SO proud of her.

I really love it here in this new town.  I know hardly anyone.  It is nice most of the time.   I am looking forward to making new friends.  I am enjoying feeling like I’m home finally.  This is where I am suppose to be at this point.  I like who I spend my time with.  I love the friendships I’ve hung on to.  Things are good.  Things things things…. 🙂

I played my last game with my “old” team.

June 2015 033We came in 4th in our tournament.  😦  I miss those girls.

I joined a new team and played with them.


I like to raise the roof apparently.  Taking a small leave right now.  Why because I can.  Because I need to catch my breath and slow down a sec.  I am also trying to go back to school.  I’m also in a new place with very little help with kiddos.  Time to be a grown up.

Ok,  Off to bed.  I have worked so much this week already.  Will catch up more soon.