Thank Ganesha it’s Friday!


So holy Sesame Seed salamanders sliding slowly on a sloppy slope, I’ve been busy.

The girls and I are moving into a new place.  CAN NOT WAIT!  In one week we will be on our own finally.  I am so excited as this has been something I have wanted for so damn long.

Let the chaos begin.  This week will consist of packing.  So….much….packing.

photo 1 (16)

I’m pretty damn happy right now.  Happy with the plans that are coming together and happy for the future.  The girls and myself are ready to soar.

After checking our new place out yesterday the girls and I went to the park.  We made some new friends.  Some really silly and fun friends.

I love how open I am to new and great possibilities.  I feel like something good could happen to me finally.  LIKE REALLY GOOD.   We shall see.   With the good always comes the bad.  It has to.  Yin and Yang my friends.

I accept that, that is how the universe likes to play.  Balanced.

So Tate got her first black eye this week.  She thought it would be a brilliant idea to play “Marco-Polo” with her friends on the play ground.  Silly girl.  Closing her eyes and running.  HAHAHA

photo 2 (15)

Shes fine.  Her black eye is totally gnarly.

Before all the good news this week there was some unsettling stuff.  But only for a  sec.  Then I realized how silly all of it was.  People are so fickle.  And I am so mature in the best possible way, and immature in the best way too.

Here’s you a dramatic tribute.

Follow farther into the fight
We both think we’re right
You, you say your hands are tied
I just want to fight
Follow me to the fight
So leave
So leave me
alone is all I know
So leave
So leave
So leave
So leave me
I don’t like when you tell the boys that I’m your girl
Wear me round like a lucky charm with plastic pearls
So leave
me alone is all I know
Just me and my girls
So leave
So leave
Me alone is all I know
So leave
So leave
So leave
So leave me
I don’t like when you tell the boys
that I’m your girl
String me up like a lucky charm with plastic pearls
Just me and my girls
So leave me alone is all I know
Just me and my girls
So leave
So leave
Me alone is all i know

You’re welcome 🙂

I must go pack.  A new life awaits us!


Coming together

And fast I might add.  My head is spinning.


Vague writing…. I know.

In due time……..in due time.

April 2015 005

Artax get your Shit together.  We have work to do!

This week has been weird.  I don’t even know what to expect day to day.  I’ve ripped the mental plans up in my head and tossed them in the air.  I am just rolling with it at this point.

I’ve had to make so many decisions and it’s not even at its peak yet.

I am crossing T’s and dotting I’s.


I have more head spinning to do so later.


The Nail

That sealed the coffin shut.

And I just want to be cremated when I die.  Can I get a break?

It’s Hump day.  It’s all day.  It’s payday.

Life has a way of throwing curve balls at me all the time.  Sometimes I wish I was just in front of a pitching machine for just a day.  Just one f’n day.  I could predict what was going to happen.  I may not hit all the balls out of the park but I would know what was coming.  I want to hit all the balls.   UGH.  Beware men!   Cover your packages.   I’m not in the mood for your bs.   lol

Lucky guy knows exactly whats coming.  And he’s having a ball!

Summer break is approaching and the kids schedule has my head spinning.  Derby practice lately has been a sad reminder of how busy everyone is.

I need a change.  It is coming.  People aren’t going to like it.  They can take a curve ball right in the family jewels.

Gotta go be an ice queen.


Burnt out

On holidays.  Being a cake decorator is burning me out on every holiday.  I wasn’t much of a holiday person to begin with but now it’s worse.   Wanna see what I accomplished  in 15 hours?   I’m showing you anyways.

photo 1 (12) photo 4 (6) photo 3 (9) photo 2 (12) photo 2 (11)

That is a lot of cakes, cup cakes, and cookie cakes.

Made me wanna change my name to dad real quick.

I am pretty tired.   I am tired a lot lately.  Can’t figure out why.


Anyways.  It’s about to be mothers day….Being a single mom struggling I called to find out if a certain someone paid their child support yet.   This special someone hasn’t payed in so long.  Owes me a nice chunk of change.  For the life of me why can’t some men and women take care of their children?  They can keep reproducing too.   But the system has not figured out a way to make them pay.   It is so sad for the kids.

I’m gonna go ahead and drop the mic here before I vent anymore.




Holy junk so many cakes.  I have made like 45 cakes in the last three days.  For that day that we celebrate the person that grows the baby in them.

I’m over it.  If my kids get me a cake, I will put them up for adoption.

Just kidding.

Today should be a little more relaxed.  Which means it won’t be.

I just want to lay in bed and play Sims really.  I love that game.

Ya know why?   This is why.

photo 1 (11)

Upon loading one day I noticed this.  Random things pop up at the bottom.  They are funny there at the Sims headquarters.  They know me too well.

Well….another day, another dollar.


Hey, I’m the ring leader of this circus

Yesterday was really funny.  Work was nuts.  So. Many. Cupcakes.   I have been prepping for Mother Day and It is exhausting.

Look at the dumb hat I get to wear.

photo 2 (10)

After work and after I grabbed the feathers we got home, and the girls had discovered a sad little squirrel dragging it’s body with it’s front legs only.  I ran to look and sure enough the poor thing had to have been paralyzed and was dragging itself up a tree.  It didn’t get very far and it fell.  To the ground, as it was having a terribly hard time even getting a breath.  It stopped breathing and passed out.  I held the little guy as I felt it’s heart slowly stop beating.  Yeah eww I am sure you are saying… Don’t care.  I love nature.  I am naturally curious. So go sanitize yourself if you feel the need. So then we talked about it dying and got over that and then did what any “normal” human would do with a dead animal.  We poked it with sticks, posed it and made it fake talk.  Ryster said it was the best day ever.  HAHAHAHA!!!

We also found a baby bird again yesterday and I did some attic exploration and found its nest and returned it.

Just an average day in this circus.

Later gators


For the win

Last night we won!


Yeah we did!    Today I’ve just been in a sleepy haze.  Relaxed and sleepy.

I’ve enjoyed lots of good conversation today!  I am at peace with everything!!!  Couldn’t be happier right now.

I’m about to start one of the busiest weeks of the year at work.  MOTHER’S DAY approaches.

That is all.

I will slumber now with the smirk of a winner on my face.


And again.

Yup rejection is a meal I am quickly becoming accustom to.  It’s all good though.  Life goes on.

You live and you learn.  You laugh and you cry.  You fall and you get up, then you fall again.

I must not do this anymore.


Tonight is a game we must win.  Not just win but dominate.  I need it.  I need to hit people tonight.

I also need a llama.

I wish I had a llama so bad.   Or one of these baby goats.

photo 2 (9)

So cute.  The noises they make are hilarious.  Go ahead and you tube some goat videos.

Or just listen to this awesome song.

I’m being random.  My brain is fried.

I’ll let you know how the game goes.



Thank Freya it’s Friday.  Dang!  This chick rode a chariot led by cats, married Odin, and got an amazing necklace that has it’s own name, by sleeping with dwarfs.  This chick made a life for herself.  lol


Okay so it is another derby weekend.  Another game.  Out of town this time.  I am not in the mood to travel but I will just have to get over it.  Fall Forest will be accompanying me so it should be fun.

As usual life was looking okay again and now has taken some twist and turns on me.  I am coming to terms with it.  Not at all happy about it but the clock keeps ticking right?

I have tons of work to do today.  Yesterday I did a cake with just icing which was crazy detailed.   I had to copy a picture brought in.

You can kind of see the picture beside it.

photo 3 (8)Beast_Boy

To do just with icing is a challenge.

Well I am off to make more cakes.  Then rest.  HAHA yeah right.  I’ll rest when I’m dead.