Ready for the storm…..I think.

Yesterday was such an easy going day.  Can’t they all be that way?  No.  You know why?  I’ll tell you why.  Because it must storm.  Before the storm there is always a calm right.  Guess what that means.   This week is about to be poop.  Not looking forward to it.  Those that are close know why.  I have hopes that it won’t be but my expectations are sadly low.

The kids were excellent acting this weekend.  It was so weird.  Minimal fighting and lots of obeying.  They were just easy going.  Buckle up J!  The storm is a brewing.  And this time it is not me being a tornado.

I’ll keep you updated.

This morning as I fixed my feathers hair I dreamed.  Dreamed of a day when they won’t let me do their hair anymore.  Dreamed of a day when they won’t need me for much at all.  The thought makes me sad and happy at the same time.  I love them at every age and hate watching it fly by but then I love every new age they become.  Becoming more and more self sufficient.

March 2015 009

I hope they remember all the good mornings we have.  All the funny talks in the car.  All the giggles at table wear we eat and play games.  I hope all the good out weights the dark times.  I hope they remember the way my heart sounds when they come in for hugs.  I hope they remember the crazy car dancing, kitchen dancing, getting out of the shower  bare butt dancing we did, and all the side splitting jokes and stories we told.  I hope they remember how it felt when I ran my fingers through their hair, carefully placing every strand to their liking not mine.  I hope they remember so much of me.  But not all.  I’m not that perfect or anything.  Just a regular mom trying to do her best.  Messing up along the way.

Maybe they will.  Maybe they won’t.  If they grow up satisfied  then I did something right.


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