Bunnies and crucifixes

Seems like this should be a mourning day in the christian community.  But no.  Somehow we just don’t focus on the bad in this religion and only focus on what is good for us.  Seems a bit selfish.  But that sounded judgmental.  Sorry.  At work I had to pump out like a bajillion easter related cakes, cupcakes, cookie cakes and more.  I have on hand lots of cake toppers and pics and such to decorate said cakes.  One being a cute, pastel little cross.  It is surrounded by pretty flowers and all that.  I didn’t have it in me to put it on anything.  Here it is!


Isn’t it adorable?

It just doesn’t seem right to me.   Don’t look at a cross like this and thank your God for sending his son somehow to earth to be brutally murdered in front of everyone and for rising again.  Don’t take all that from this sweet cross.  This image should be popping in your religious minds instead.

images (2)

They don’t make cake toppers like this though.   Why because NO ONE wants to remember it like this.  NO ONE!

Let’s talk about bunnies and eggs instead.  This year I am not doing it.

Not going to give much attention to this holiday.  A little but not much.  We may come up with our own tradition.  Rant about easter is over.

Anyways….yesterday was mildly productive.  Spent a portion of the day trying to open the pool up.  Trying being the key word in that last sentence.

I made a yummy meal for BDK after a long workday.  Ahhh BDK! …… The kids were in the best moods yesterday as well.  So different and nice.  Watch some basketball.  A sport where they run a lot with an orange ball and shoot it into a ring. I dunno.  🙂 lol

I learned a few things.  Still not a sports fanatic though.  Got a good nights sleep and ready for this rainy day.  I love rainy days.  I’m such a hermit.

Gotta go soak it up.


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