Thank Dionysus it’s Friday.

I’m back from la la land, or where ever I’ve been.  Holy Geebus I haven’t wrote in a while.  Life has me crazy busy boo.

I’d like to start out by wishing “he who hasn’t made up a special name” , AKA my step son, a happy birthday!


He’s the big two zero!   My external hard drive has taken a huge dump and refuses to work so no little kid pictures today.


You get this though.  Mr lumberjack is so handsome.  He is also talented, smart, hilarious, sweet, strong and so many more things.  He resides in Cali right now so send him good happy birthday vibes.  Love you Eli!  I met you when you were 10.  Wow how time flies.  I’m thankful for you all the time!

I can’t even believe how busy I have been.  I’ve had no time for anything and hardly anyone.  It is all I can do to be a mom, work, and derby.  I have had very little time to fit much else in.  I’ve been filling that little extra spot with something but that is none of your dang business.

I’m still enjoying work thus far.

Decorating cakes is still fun.

Anyways…I’m going to get back on track with writing again.  Have no fear.  But for now I must go.


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