The loot, the booty…

I will share with you now.  So last week was my birthday.  Old news.  I know.  It was also my step-son’s too.  Also old news.  I know.  But since I’ve been to busy to write, I figured I would share my loot now.   Ya know…my booty!  Arrrrr matey!

Well first I came to work to this on my station.

photo 1 (7)Thank Jess and everyone at work.

Then after I got home… my mom gave me a gift card.  Got new bedding with it.  The feathers got me a gift basket and a sweet card.

photo 2 (7) photo 3 (5)

If she had a hundred dollars, she would give it up for me.  AHHHHH!!!

I got ask on a date and I gladly took it.  I have only been on one date in 7 months so it was overdue.  BDK was great company.  He also got me a gift basket which was really unexpected.  So nice though.  I’m using all the stuffs in it.  All natural soaps and such.

photo 4 (3)

Next Sandwich Control and I had a birthday eclipse night.  (The only time we are the same age in the same year.)  We did some shopping, made some tacos, and watched a movie.  It was so relaxing and nice that I think it will become a once a month must.

We did a t-shirt exchange.  The dice picked this rad ass shirt.

photo 5 (1)

Labyrinth fan girl forever!!!   And I got a my poster.  I’ll post that when I get it framed.

The next night I got to hang with a few people including this crazy ol’ bunch.

March 2015 016 March 2015 017

Some of the Lawson bunch.  Love the “air shoulder” hug that Cobe is receiving.  HAHA!

That night Cobe and I both celebrated our Birthday’s together.

March 2015 015

Fall Forest bought us this.

photo 4 (3)

Wild Indian got me CHEESE CAKE!!!  Which I am still trying to finish!

photo 3 (6)

I made Cobe Groot cupcakes.

March 2015 013

And the best was that I got see this munchkin.

March 2015 019

The kids are away for spring break.   I am missing them.

Well.  I must go get ready for Rough cut practice.  Peace!


33 trips around the sun is exhausting.

Yup it’s muh birfday today.  Yay.  It is also Super Saiyan’s Birthday too.  Let him know.  He’s my birfday Buddy!

I have zero expectations as to how it will go.  That way I am not disappointed.

Jenny's Phone 7-6-13 213 Can you see the disappointment on my face there?  I won’t be that.

Random baby Jenny pics now….

Jenny's Phone 7-6-13 212Jenny's Phone 7-6-13 216Jenny's Phone 7-6-13 218

Jenny's Phone 7-6-13 219

I’ve always loved balloons man.

Okay anyways, Last night was derby. It wasn’t terribly exciting but a needed practice non the less.  Super Saiyan gave me a cute box with a bird on it.  I can Hang things in it and I love it.  Thanks S.S.

I still owe him the Pie I bought for him.  And left in my dern fridge.

I’m going out to eat tonight and following my nose after that.  It sounds lovely.

Well I am off to work and to enjoy this day of my entering the world celebration.


Mean Green fighting Machines

Is what team lightning was last night.  I believe we won.  WHOO!

Happy St. Paddy’s day everyone.  Pinching is the absolute worst.  I have green pants on so screw off.

So today is Pyro-cumulonimbus’s Birthday.  18!  He can now, buy cigarettes, go to a casino, and sign legal and binding documents among many things.  Happy birthday to one of the best step sons around!

I’ve know him since he was 8 years old.

Tatyms home 053

He’s a great big brother.

Bevs camera 122

kidsect 038He might be evil but I still love him.

Bevs camera 138

A total goof ball.

July 2010 043 z

Can wear the crap out of a Fedora.

April 2014 135

And he tolerates me okay.  🙂   I love you big guy!  Live it up!

Can’t believe time flies this fast!  All of my step kids are now legal adults.  WOW!

I need a moment.

Enjoy this day people.  It will be over in a flash.


A nice change of pace

Was this weekend.  It was full of mostly fun for me and the girls.  It was nice to have virtually no worries about much.  We just followed our noses and skated a lot.  We skated Friday night, Saturday night, and I played hockey Sunday night.

photo (2)

Skating is my refuge!

Jan. 2015 005

It really is.  Even when I don’t want to go, I feel better when I do.

Need to order new plates right now.  Because life thought it would be cool to mess up my toe stops to the point of no return and they are destroyed, leaving me with the future bill.  UGH!

Good thing Janie J. has some extra skates and we wear the same size for the most part.

Cake decorating was fun today.  I wish I had a way to work more.  I wish I had someone I could trust to take up my responsibilities on picking my kids up from school and taking them home.  That would be nice to have some help.

Okay enough complaining.  I’m just going to enjoy this whole life being nice right now.  I feel happy.

Tomorrow is Pyro-Cumulonimbus’s Birthday!  I met him when he was 8. Can’t believe how fast time flies.

Well I am off.  I got stuff to do!  Like your mom!  That’s just gross.


Getting back in the swing of things!

Oh my goodness I went back to weekend warrior this morning and it was so hard jumping back in.  My shoulders HURT!

I had a fabulous time skating last night with the girls, BDK, Big T, Little T, and the rest of the speed skating crew.

I need a nap!

I have a parade I think I am suppose to be in today.  Think meaning I don’t know if it will be rained out?

Then so much house work.

But first, an ARTAX video!

He spilled my whole glass of tea at 0:47.  Ugh that was a mess.

Okay I am off!



Thank Cybele it’s Friday!!!

Oh my gosh the last two days of work I have been so slammed.  I’ve been pumping out cakes like no one’s business!  SO DON’T ASK.  Kidding, kidding!

I got a few extra hours in which I will appreciate on my next check.

I really like it there thus far.

Last night I have my last two hours of practice for the week.  That’s 8 derby practice hours this week.  I am tired.

Today after work I bought some new toe stops.  That should be fun getting used to again.  ugh.

If in fact, I can ever get the old one’s off.  They have been jammed on my skates for months.  I’m going skating tonight with the kids and friends for funzies!  Tomorrow is weekend warrior at the forge and then TONS and I mean TONS of house work has to get done.  Switching and painting rooms.

Well I am off to start my weekend with the feathers!


Going through the big “D”

And I don’t mean Dallas.

WOW JENNY!  That was country music.  I must have a fever.

Yup It was paper night.  We did’t manage to kill each other while filling out the D papers.

March 2015 034

Or did we?

Just kidding.

March 2015 030We decided to opt out of using lawyers this go around and just act like normal grown ups who love and care about one another, who both made a decision for the best, and to not act like heathens who are out to cut each other deep.

God I look awful.

My skin has a mind of it’s own now days.  It is so broke out that I quit wearing make up for a little bit to get it under control. It still isn’t better. Stupid stress!  I HATE being 32 and still getting break outs.  And break ups.  Shit Jenny, get it together!!!!!

I realize now that I will be completely unsuccessful in any relationship I venture into.  Why?  Because I am myself, am hot mess.  How can I possible worry about making anyone else happy.  It makes me sad to know that I can’t have success in this area.  But I know I can’t for now at least.  HELP!

Well today is work, work, work, then practice AGAIN tonight.

Here it goes again….

It could be ten, but then again, I can’t remember half an hour since a quarter to four.
Throw on your clothes, the second side of Surfer Rosa, and you leave me with my jaw on the floor.
Just when you think that you’re in control,
just when you think that you’ve got a hold,
just when you get on a roll,
here it goes, here it goes, here it goes again.
Oh, here it goes again.
I should have known,
should have known,
should have known again,
but here it goes again.
Oh, here it goes again.
It starts out easy, something simple, something sleazy, something inching past the edge of the reserve.
Now through lines of the cheap venetian blinds your car is pulling off of the curb.I guess there’s got to be a break in the monotony, but Jesus, when it rains how it pours.

Throw on your clothes, the second side of Surfer Rosa, and you leave me, yeah, you leave me.


Curl up in a ball

March 2015 018

Because what else is there to do.  I have so much that needs to be done.  I don’t feel like doing any of it.  So I’m gonna go clean the Forge instead.

Last night I had my first two hour Rough Cut practice to run.  I thought it was a success.  I can not wait for next weeks.  I am exhausted though. That is 6 hours of Derby practice in three days.  Dang.  Still have two hours on Thursday night waiting too.

I am liking my new job.  Such a great creative outlet.  Decorating cakes all day.  It’s nice to put in the work and effort and then watch people buy your creations.  I love that.

Everyone keeps telling me to give it time and I’ll hate it there.  I don’t yet.  I don’t want to at all.  Makes me kind of nervous.

Today is paper day.  For those of you that get that….well….yeah.

My birthday is in a week.   I’ll be 33.  I don’t know how I feel about it.  Does this mean I’m in my mid thirties?  Damn..

Well Imma go get stuff done.  Enjoy Artax!

March 2015 029



Some of them are clear and you may or may not want to make them.  Some of them are not so clear and you may or may not want to make them. HA!

I’ve never been good at  decision making.  They should have a lesson or something on it.  I am sure it would just be called “Logic”, diminishing emotion to make better choices.    I would pay for that class.


The girls and I are about to rearrange the house again, you know when I have all that extra time on my hands.  I am not looking forward to it.   But it must be done.  We are still trying to figure out how to live comfortable with the extra people in the house.   I don’t know if it will ever be possible.

At some point in your life, living with someone else (besides your kids or a S.O.) is just not comfortable.   It doesn’t feel right and it never will.  But hey, that’s our life.

Feeling bleh again today.  Obviously.  My bad!


There!  There’s a fake smile.

Enjoy your day.