Thank Bastet it’s Friday!

Well yesterday was crazy.

Went back to work.  New place.  I really liked it.

I had to take the kitty’s back to the humane society.  ADOPT PEOPLE!  Or foster.  There are so many sweet animals begging to be in a loving home.  Donate you time and help them out.

I did a Hobby Lobby stop!  That store is one place I would go if I had a Million Dollar shopping spree.

Then I went home to work some more.  As I am doing today and this evening.  Working on this merch.  Come to the game tomorrow and watch us play and for the love of all that is holy stop by our merch table.

Feb 2015 003Some one is gonna win this special prize!!!

No not me unfortunately but the hat and scarf I made!

Well I am off to work!  Have a splendid weekend!


The week of Horrors

That is what I feel like I just miraculously lived through.    I had some help.  My folks, Captain Hook, and Wild Indian took their turns.  The kids and I all were ravished with a flu like Virus that turned into some big neck and back problems for me.

I am a jittery mess this morn because I am jacked up on steroids.  And against both doctors orders I am going to try to work today so I still have a job.

Nothing new has happened so I don’t have a ton to talk about.  I have so much catching up to do with a game coming up on Sat.  UGH!  I hate being behind.

And I’m offfff!


PS.   The latest foster babies go back to the Humane Society today. 😦

I’ve got the fever!

Well I haven’t posted in a day or so.  I’ve been busy giving my time away freely!

It has mostly been fun, with a mixture of work and worries, with a side of shit storm.

I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but I am glad the weekend is over.  I need some normal.  Things are just crappy right now.  I am beginning to think I would be better for the world if I lived on an island by myself and didn’t suck up anyone’s air.  An Island with my bird and my cat and of course my kids!

Feb 2015 033

Last night Me and the Tater bug ran fever all night long.  We both feel like crap.  She can’t go to school and now I am missing work.  UGH!     I hate missing a day to make some money.  Plus I really do like my new job.

So In between running fever and coughing everywhere I will work on new work White Rabid designed for us to make new merch.

I’m crawling back in bed for now!

Happy Monday!



Thank Allah it’s Friday!!!

Well Last nights practice was fun, except I couldn’t keep myself off the floor.  I don’t know if missing a day of derby this week was the reason for not being myself or what.

Before practice I managed to get some patches made to sell at the next game on the 28th of this month.  See Below.


I plan on making more.   Be sure and come shop at our merchandise table when you come see me play.  I have tickets for sale if you want some.

I have work today.  In the middle of that I have to leave to go talk on the radio for a bit!  Listen in sometime after 12pm to 94.5.  Pepe and I will be talking about derby of course.  Because that’s all I ever talk about.

March is around the corner and it stresses me out because there are sooooo many birthdays in March.  Including mine.

My Nephew 3rd

My Stepson 17th

Mine 18th

Sandwich Control 29

Little Brother Myk 31st

Probably more I’m forgetting


Happy weekend!


Getting paid to play

Whoa just now getting to make a post.  I have been up and running all day.  I’ve mostly been consumed with work.  I really like the bakery.   Having an artistic outlet is nice.  Then I get paid to do it.  Win!

I have been working on the new Fan Favorite prize to give away at the next game.  Here it is.


Ignore the tough face.  A crocheted beanie Jammer beanie and a Pivot scarf.  BAM!

Well I am off work and tired and have things to do so I am off to do those things.



Well yesterday ended with some time with my mom and the kids.  Ran a few errands after picking up the feathers from school.   Got some stuff done finally.  But found some more stuff to do after going to Hobby Lobby.

I practiced my piping skills, a good portion of the day.  They are getting better, the skills that is.

The rest of the evening was pretty lazy which is so nice.

Today I will go in at the bakery and do some more training.  Oh yeah…  I might be working at a bakery in town.  Icing cakes is so zen for me.  I love doing it!   I will let you know details later if it all works out.

So yeah, today I will work until school is out.  I’m kind of excited!

The babies go visit their dads and I will manage to find something to do with myself I am sure.  Probably bug someone or just hang out with my zoo.  Maybe the Captain will entertain me?

Feb 2015 019

Me and this guy=LOVE!

Happy Hump day or Woman crush Wednesday.  *sigh* I’ve never been someone’s WCW.


Lifting Dead things?

Well I had a good evening last night!  Did some shopping with the captain.  I got some good rest, just to wake up to another stupid hard workout.  Since I will be working tomorrow and missing, I went ahead and did my dead lifts today.  95 Lbs. Suckers!   Just 22lbs away from lifting myself.  Wish I could lift my heavy ass when I am attempting to do a pull up.  UGH!  So frustrating.  My goal this year is to do a single pull up.


After workout I went to Holiday Island to have egg burritos with Sandwich Control.  We had deep conversations about round holes and square pegs!

I’m home now and need to get some Derby stuff done.  I am sore and my muscles are wasted!

Send some good vibes to Wild Indian if you know him.  Thanks in advance.

Off to do grown up stuff!


Skipped a day

Well yesterday was Sunday and I am forever going to take Sunday’s off of writing post.  Unless I feel like I want to.  It’s good to have a day off.  Saturday night was a weird one.  Being in the middle of drama is never the place I seek to be.  It all got figured out thank goodness.  Rachy-poo and C.LO had a get together and once I came out of my funk it was fun.  We ate, told funny stories, and played Cards against humanity.  After that I put the kids to bed and then helped Captain Hook babysit adults for a bit.

Sunday was AWESOME!  We lounged around with the kids all day!  Cooking, Netflix, couch naps, video games, crocheting, and more cooking.  It was blissful.   I wish I could relive that today.  It is a winter wonder land out side right now.  The girls are throwing snow balls at my windows.  The kittens jump every time which is kind of hilarious.

Well I’m off to take care of the cleaning business around here!  Eating too!  Lots of eating!


Not feeling the Love.

I really hate this holiday.  Especially this year.

Here lately I feel like a complete whine bag.  But never the less, I feel what I feel and I can’t help that.

I’m kind of at a low point.  I feel like most of the people I know don’t like me and don’t appreciate me.  I’m focusing a lot lately on friends I’ve lost over the years for dumb reasons and all the men I’ve ever dated and how shitty they were to me at times.  I know, all very negative and terrible to focus on.  It is what it is.  My heart has a mind of it’s own and I rather cut it out today.

I am very selective about who I have in my life and the people that are in it now, at least most of them, don’t appreciate me as their friend or their family member and I will go as far to say team mate as well.  Not all of them but most.  In the past, as it still is now, I tend to put people at the top of my hearts list that just can not or will not do the same in return.  Leaving me feeling forever second or last in some cases.  I’m too old for this crap.  I just wish I had a best friend.  The kind that puts me first most of the time.  The kind that loves me when I’m an asshole or hangry.  The kind that will listen to me cry and not be annoyed.  The kind that will listen to these complaints above and be empathetic even if they lack logic.  I just want a friend that is around.  One that gets me.  One that gives as much as I do and doesn’t just take.   I’m that kind of friend if someone reciprocates it.

Love is weird, it’s backwards.  It doesn’t have healthy boundaries and it’s blind.  It’s illogical.  It’s not rational.  It doesn’t discriminate.  It doesn’t care about balance.  It flows as freely as air.  You can not contain it.  It’s a wild beast that I wish I could avoid because it is very very dangerous.   It scares me at this point in my life.  It has only resulted in pain.  I hope to be proven wrong at some point and I hope love has a good ending for me one day.

Happy V-day butt holes!