She flipped the Bird

Well last night’s snuggle fest with the feathers was a success.  We went to the store and bought junk food and came home and crammed it in our faces while watching an alien movie and snuggling the crap out of each other.  My boobs were pillows.  Funny how kids have no concept of boobs when they lay on them.   So Innocent.  Well………..   mostly.

Let me explain.  Most parents would never admit their children doing anything unspeakable but I like to keep it real.  Tonight my mostly innocent daughter “flipped the bird” at her older sister.   Now I don’t do this in front of her that I’m aware.   But I do know the stories they tell me about kids in school and I can only imagine she learned it there.  Either way she was bound to see it at some point.

When I heard of this aggressive act, I immediately got a handle on it.  Meaning that booty got a swat.  She wasn’t happy about the swat but more unhappy she got caught.  As she got her shower done, I found “Scared Straight” on Netflix.  When she got out and saw that I was watching little girls that are mean and disrespectful to everyone get the crap scared out of them by jailbirds, (Not my favorite kind of bird) she got real serious.  She crawled in my lap and I held her.  She watched and spoke about how awful those girls were to there moms and how mean the jail people were.  I told her that is what happens sometimes to some kids that can’t control themselves.  Anyways there was lots of hugs and I love you moms coming from her the rest of the night.   Thanks Scared Straight!

My cute little delinquent!   Just kidding.  She is cute though.

This morning I went to the gym to clean and workout.  Well mostly clean which in itself was a gnarly workout.  I did learn how to do a dead lift.  My starting point is 65lbs.  I know it isn’t much for most of you but I am proud that I dead lifted 65 Lbs. twenty times.  BOOM!

I know I have a list to check off so I better get busy.  Happy Hump day Hookers!



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