Oh my gosh Siblings!

Well last night Tater bug had a good birthday.  She came home from school to a fully decorated house.  She ate pizza, fought with her sister, ate cake, fought with her sister, opened presents, fought with her sister, and played with friends, then fought with her sister some more.  Geez.

The kiddos fell asleep watching “The Book of Life”.   Cute movie.  Check a small snip of it out.

This morning I got up and crawled out of my warm snugly bed and went to workout.  The weekend warrior class is growing.

I am getting stronger and stronger.  I love being stronger, I just hate what I have to do to get there.

I am working on the courage to go to the skate park.  I don’t want to go alone.  Yes, I am a baby.  Whaaaa!

Today I shall get hair done.  Hopefully my own.  It is wayyyyy overdue.

Happy Saturday punks!


I got my Baby back!

   Yesterday I got my baby back!   Not ribs!  Artax got adopted by yours truly!  Happy home coming pic here!

photo 1 (1) photo 2 (1)

I missed his squishy face.

I also managed to pick up three more foster kittens.  They are pretty cute.  Duh!

Last we had our home team scrimmage.  Fire vs. Ice.

What a fun time.  You missed it…unless you were there.  Hmmm

I won MVP Blocker for my team.   Yeeeeee Haaaaaaw

Today will consist of making my youngest a birthday cake, buying birthday gifts, decorating for a party, and doing someone else’s job.  Everything but doing someone else’s job sounds fun.

I have to straighten out a huge mistake that a certain office that collects money for me, made.  Bummer.  Hopefully that all gets fixed and justice is served.

Tater bug is having a sleepover tonight.  Don’t know whether or not I’m excited or terrified.  I will let you know how that goes.   I’m off to get crap done.  I’ll post pics of the new foster babies later.

After while crocodile.


Killing rats?

I am so sore.  Could it be from dead lifting for the first time, cleaning like a mad woman, or the previous days stupid workout?  I may never know.

Yesterday was so busy as today will be.  I got to have a lovely dinner with some lovely people.  I also got to go to savers and find something fiery for tonight’s Home team scrimmage.  Wanna see some free derby.  Come to wheels in motion in VB and watch team fire take on team ice.  Should be a blast.

Today will be filled with making a birthday cake for a very special little girl.  I also need to get me a little baby cat at some point.  I miss my Artax and he shall be mine.  I may also bring home another set of foster babies.  SO SQUISHY!!!!

So I am off.  Off to go “kill rats” as they say.  Or maybe that’s just Captain Hook that says that.  Hmmm?

Later taters!


She flipped the Bird

Well last night’s snuggle fest with the feathers was a success.  We went to the store and bought junk food and came home and crammed it in our faces while watching an alien movie and snuggling the crap out of each other.  My boobs were pillows.  Funny how kids have no concept of boobs when they lay on them.   So Innocent.  Well………..   mostly.

Let me explain.  Most parents would never admit their children doing anything unspeakable but I like to keep it real.  Tonight my mostly innocent daughter “flipped the bird” at her older sister.   Now I don’t do this in front of her that I’m aware.   But I do know the stories they tell me about kids in school and I can only imagine she learned it there.  Either way she was bound to see it at some point.

When I heard of this aggressive act, I immediately got a handle on it.  Meaning that booty got a swat.  She wasn’t happy about the swat but more unhappy she got caught.  As she got her shower done, I found “Scared Straight” on Netflix.  When she got out and saw that I was watching little girls that are mean and disrespectful to everyone get the crap scared out of them by jailbirds, (Not my favorite kind of bird) she got real serious.  She crawled in my lap and I held her.  She watched and spoke about how awful those girls were to there moms and how mean the jail people were.  I told her that is what happens sometimes to some kids that can’t control themselves.  Anyways there was lots of hugs and I love you moms coming from her the rest of the night.   Thanks Scared Straight!

My cute little delinquent!   Just kidding.  She is cute though.

This morning I went to the gym to clean and workout.  Well mostly clean which in itself was a gnarly workout.  I did learn how to do a dead lift.  My starting point is 65lbs.  I know it isn’t much for most of you but I am proud that I dead lifted 65 Lbs. twenty times.  BOOM!

I know I have a list to check off so I better get busy.  Happy Hump day Hookers!


It’s like going outside.

My shoulders are dying.  I may cut them off and just reattach my arms to my body.  This getting up and working out thing is hard work.  Pull ups are now my enemy.  I can not even do one.  (hangs head in shame)

I will keep trying.  I will not give up.  Because being stronger is way better than wishing I was stronger.

This morning I got to spend some overdue time with Sandwich Control.  We ate burritos and watched cats play.  It was nice.  We also discussed how soup was like going outside…..hmmm.  Gag!   Soup is all kinds of crap I don’t like.  Big pieces of soggy vegetables, chunks of meat and stinky fluid all together.   I just threw up in my mouth a little.   Anyways….

After that the weather turned beautiful so I decided to clean up outside.  That was productive.

I got a quick nap and picked up my little ones from school.  We plan on vegging out the rest of the night with snacks and movies and snuggles.  Sounds like a win of a day to me.

I miss the kittens.  I might get Artax tomorrow.  Fingers crossed!


Saying goodbye

    Yesterday we lost our first game of the season against a really good team.  😦   It was fun though!

We sold the crap out of our merch, which was a total win for me.  I had some great helpers!  (Seize and Captain Hook)  Thank you very much!

Today I said goodbye to my little foster kittens.  I have had a blast with them.  Everyone that has been over has had fun with them too.  Even people that are allergic to them!   They have captured my heart.  I hope to go back to the Humane Society and adopt little Artax.  He is special to me.  Then I will foster some more.

Jan. 2015 033

Today I will get caught up on cleaning!  So much cleaning.  Yeah so I’m off to do that.  I feel like a zombie.



Well stuff got done yesterday!  I revamped merch for the millionth time!  That is always such a job.  I stayed up all night cruising around with good company, picking up intoxicated people.  Intoxicated people are very annoying…especially when they need to go home.  I did have fun though.  Being a people watcher is always cheap entertainment.

Today my team will head to Jopin, MO to play our first game of the season.  I am, as always, a nervous wreak.  I hope I don’t get killed.  I’m excited about the road trip!

Today is also my sweet friend RACHY-POO’s birthday!  Be sure and let her know she is awesome.  Just take my word on that one!

Jan. 2015 019

  Well I gotta get on the road!  Later gators!



Yesterday my house was buzzin!  Friends coming in and out of the house.  I had the pleasure of spending time with my sweet, awesome, pure, hottie, friend Rachy-poo!  I did her hair.  We had lunch.  We laughed and hung out.  I miss her.

Jan. 2015 029

The night ended with friends, new and old.  We had a blast playing Cards Against Humanity!  Didn’t sleep much and awoke to join Core 5 for an early morning, rough workout.  Did all of that before my teams pancake breakfast.  We sold tons of pancakes to the public and it was a big success.  Score!!!  Now I just need a flippin nap.  Looking forward to today, minus the merch work I have to get done before the game tomorrow.  Game tomorrow!!!!  Nervous tummy kickin in.   Wish us luck.

Off to go check stuff of my list.  Happy Saturday!


Nacho Friend!

TZIF!!!!  Thank Zeus its Friday!  What don’t we thank other gods for Friday?  Hmmmm….   Well I just did!

It’s Friday people and that means that craziness is about to ensue.

Last night I attended a good Derby practice.  Came home and had a lovely evening filled with good sleep.

Today I get to see my friend, Rachy-poo.  We are gonna play hair day.

I love spending time with that woman.  She is a funny gal and she makes me smile.  The rest of my day will be cleaning and dealing with the mountains of merch in my room.

I hope tonight will also be filled with friends and nachos, lol.

Nachos are my “if I was on a island alone” food.

Speaking of nachos….this video is cracking me up.


Tee Hee!

Tomorrow is our pancake fundraiser at the Apple bees so come show some support and stuff your fat butt with all you can eat pancakes.

Sunday I drive to Joplin to play our first game of the season.  I’m nervous.

Have a good Friday!