Ugh……ending this year like it should end….

With life pinching off one more turd on my head.   The rest of this year was a poo-storm and I am glad it is coming to an end.  Well that’s not even a fact.  This is just another day and so is tomorrow.  The universe does not care that we have labeled and dated it to look a certain way.  Today is just another spin on the mud ball, floating out in the enormity of space.  This is how I feel about it.   A blurry bird!december 2014 012

      Tonight I am having a classy dinner with SC.  I shall eat something I might not like and drink cream soda, cause I’m GANGSTA like that.  So hard core.  Should be fun!  Hope everyone has a festive made up holiday.  May the hangovers not suck and may no idiots be drinking and driving.


Yarn and Kittens….

That is what my day consisted of.  How can any day with yarn and kittens be deemed bad???  Right….It can’t.  I have crafted two scarves for my step-sons.  Feeling accomplished.

december 2014 003december 2014 004december 2014 008december 2014 011

I might have had too much yarn therapy today…….Nah!

I am also trying to finish a book so I can start the last one of the sequels.  I don’t want to start it because then it will be over.  So sad.

december 2014 014

I need to plan a fun night for the girls, for New Years Eve.   Thinking about having a fun activity to do every hour until countdown.   Hmmm…..  Must surf the web for ideas.

Hope everyone else has a wonderful last day of the year tomorrow.  Just another day to me.


P.S. KITTEN!!!!!

december 2014 024

How in the hell did I become the damn wolf?

I guess it is because it is something I don’t know a damn thing about.  Life… never stop surprising me.



I’m not even an awesome wolf.   I’m a DERP wolf!!!!!!   Okay, anyways! <—-(also something I apparently say a lot) LOL!

Today I got to hang out with my buddy, Rachy-poo while the rug rats had a play date.  Everyone got along swimmingly!  Then I had a rare and very random nap that would have just turned into sleep had I not been woken up.  I am glad my slumber was disturbed.  Had it not been disturbed,  I would have missed out on you tube night with Ryster and the Bug!  I wouldn’t have realized that I’m a DAMN WOLF and I wouldn’t have gotten to hammock out and listen to my audio book.

december 2014 016december 2014 017

december 2014 012

So there, waking up wasn’t so bad.  Busy day tomorrow so nighty night!


A wind of change is coming…

And I am so ready for it.  Just saying.  So now that the holidays, minus New Years, is over life is going back to a semi normal state.  Kid are still home for another week, which is fun.  At least for me…..    This is what happens when I try to have fun in front of them.

december 2014 007 “Stop it mother!  You are not funny!”

No really I just watch them have fun.

 december 2014 005

I went on an over four, maybe five mile hike today.  It was good to get those legs moving and blood pumping.  Can’t wait to start derby practice again.   I think tomorrow I will start actually working out at home.  I am saying it here so that I can maybe be more accountable to do it.  We shall see!   Maybe it would help me get into the mood to clean up around here some more.   Gonna go listen to an audio book now, so nighty night!


What the what?

Is how I feel right now about tons of stuff.  What do I do about this? How do I handle that?  What am I doing?  What is my PURPOSE?  (SC insider) Haha!  I think the answer is breath…..just breath J!  On another note, would you like to see a kitten on its back sleeping like a baby?  Of course you would so here…

december 2014 001                     You’re welcome!


So another what the what I have is about dating?  What the what guys?  At the ripe age of 32 I realize dating now is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo different than when I was younger.

I feel as if most men just don’t care anymore at this age.   They don’t care about making a girl feel special or putting basic effort into dating a woman.  The more single women I talk to, the more crazy crap I hear about dating at this age.  What the what????   I feel I need to make a dating application before even trying to give someone my time.  I don’t care about what you drive or how much money you have or what stupid trivial expensive things or outfits you own.   I wanna know if you have substance.  I wanna know whats is between your ears and how warm or cold your heart is.  Maybe I am becoming more “old school”?    It is obvious that I have children.  It ruins it for me every time when a guy has no interest in even asking about them.  Hello!  They are the biggest achievement of my life and you don’t want to know about them?  W the W?  Rant over!

So lets just pretend for a second that I had an application.  What would be some good questions to ask people?  I have some of my own.  Like………

Do you like kids?  No, I did not ask if you wanted to be a dad!

Sense of humor….do you have one?

How proper are you?  Do you fart or burp or is that just like totally gross? (Valley girl voice)

Do you use a phone to actually call people or do you only message?

Do you feel like you have to buy a girls affections?

How do you feel about the outdoors?  Do you like outdoor activities?

How do you feel about the indoors?  What’s your favorite indoor activity?

How completely inappropriate are you?

Do you have a love for music?

Is me being a total dork, nerd, geek, or goofball going to be a problem?

Do you have a life of your own or will you leech on to me?

Are you the jealous type?

Can you be real, vulnerable, and open minded?

Are you a freaking liar or fake?

What makes you interesting?

Feel free to add more questions I should be asking, at least in my head?  lol.

That is all.


Plans, plans, plans…..

When I don’t have the time for them I have people to see and things to do.  When I do have the time (like tonight), no one is available.

    The problem is, is that I don’t have a group.  A crew.  A peoples.  I live all frivolously with people.  I kinda go where the wind blows me.  Which is mostly to my house. So when I am all dressed up I have no place to be.  december 2014 017

Boring!  I think I’ll take myself on another dinner date with me tonight.  They go well usually.  Lots of people watching.  A favorite past time.

I am thankful for Sandwich Control for stopping by to help with computer stuff today.  Computers hate me.  Make that all electronic devices.  Okay….I’m going…but first, here’s a shot of me almost eating a kitten.  Sometimes you need to eat a kitten to gain their cute powers!

december 2014 035

Crapmas Eve

photo 1
Over it!

I am so over it already.  This x-mas is a somber one.  This single mother is broke.  But that’s okay.  I cleaned two houses to make sure these feathers got at least one gift.  They will be fine.  That’s the thing with kids that have other parents to visit, they make out like bandits everywhere.  It’s almost over.

december 2014 016
Kitten in a box!
december 2014 017
Es Cap e! In my best Dori from Finding Nemo, voice.

On a happier note I am fostering kittens for 6 weeks.  Everyday my head almost explodes with their cuteness.  I don’t know how I will manage to not adopt one.   I need a cat like I need a hole in my head.  A LOT!!!!   🙂  december 2014 029

They sleep in the weirdest positions.

december 2014 052Well Merry Crapmas Eve!

My first Post.

Thinking again.
Thinking again.

Yup, that’s what it is.   Been wanting to do something like this for a while.  I see friends doing it.  I make excuses not to do it myself.  My buddy came over and showed me how.  No more excuses.  Here I will share my life.  It’s crummy at the moment.  I will share my talents and my failures.  I will share my children and my moments.  Most of them.  I will share my struggles and my victories.  I love to laugh, so I hope that happens the most.

Here I go.